Kangxi Period Blue White Cracked Ice Hawthorne Jar with Carved Wood Lid Jade Finial

Kangxi Period (1621 - 1722)
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A late 17th / early 18th century jar featuring the well known blue and white cracked ice, or hawthorn pattern, to signify the start of spring. A wonderful blue and white example of it's type. The foot rim has been cleaned to reveal the clean, white, smooth as glass paste.

The jar comes with a very nicely carved wood lid that is likely Zitan. The lid has a small spinach jade disc inlaid in the center of it that has been tested to be jadeite.


The wooden lid has a small "hairline" type crack (pictured). There is a small section where the glaze did not stick well during firing on the shoulder (also pictured).


10" (25cm) with lid, 8.75" (22cm) without the lid.

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